A pianists touch

The more I study this beautiful instrument, the more  I want to discover all that it can do, and how pianists adapt their playing in different ways in the form of the touch and sensitivity of the keys.  So…. I went to a lecture at the Royal College of Music in London to find out all about a pianists touch.  This was not what  I was expecting but I discovered some useful information about key hammer action on accoustic pianos.  First of all, this lecture was given by an Associate Professor of  the Associate of  Music Accoustics,  He spoke about the different types of touch on a piano keyboard using and recording data on a graph being measured by electrodes attached to the hands. The two different kinds of touch that was given out tonight (pressed and struck) were interesting in as much as, the faster you play, the more you get into struck touch and slower playing is pressed.  He also discussed the hand and finger motion, captured on an electronic graph to see how the graph varies with different key strokes and how they are heard.    An interesting and very intellectual study.

This video shows a typical example of struck touch.  It outlines what  has been said above with the pianist recording electronic data.



The beauty of music


Thursday  23rd   January 2014

Tonight  I was fortunate enough to have a ticket to see Helene Grimaud.   The concert was held  at the Royal  Festival  Hall and the programme  was Brahms Piano Concerto No 2,  followed by the Royal Philhamonia Orchestra playing Brahms Symphony No 4.    As  the    first half began,  you could hear the beautiful sound of both the superb piano and pianist,  as well as the very fine orchestra.  I was captivated by  both the  music of such a wonderful composer and  by those fortunate enough to play Bahms’s music.    I  cannot help but love the beautiful strong dynamics as the piano is played, which goes through your body as you listen.

The second half of the evening’s performance, was something quite different to anything I  had heard before.   Of course,  I knew the music but knowing the music and hearing it played live are two different things.   There is something very special about live music, and  I have to say that the particular symphony  that was played was I think one of  Brahms’s most beautiful pieces,  which had me transported into another world.    It is as if  I was no longer sitting in the hall with everyone around me.   A truly memorable evening all around, and one that will not be forgotten for quite a while.