What a lovely day

Today I had a day off work so did some piano exam practice and then as it was a nice sunny day, I took myself off for a 45 minute walk.  I had the radio on listening to a pianist being interviewed and playing some rather nice Scarlatti of which a composer I am not that familiar with.   However, after she had played, she was asked about her former studies and how piano students can become an all round good pianist.  She feels,and I totally agree with her that in order to become a good pianist you have to experience and play a range of different styles of music.  She did not elaborate as to whether she meant you play classical, blues, jazz or pop but as she is a classical pianist, I guess she was talking about different styles of classical music from different periods, each bringing a different skill to nurture and learn.  This made my mind flick back to my exams and each section in the exam book that I use gives me something different which hopefully gives me a new set of skills which I can take on board and carry with me throughout the rest of my piano playing journey.

My goal now is to listen to some more Scarlatti, which is really rather quite nice 🙂   Now I am refreshed from my walk, its back to the keys….

Maybe I will try some simple Scarlatti



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