This post follows on from the previous one in as much as, it shows  you how it is vital to play different types of music in order to have a good stab at the music industry.   Of course, there are some very successful musicians who only play one type of music, but as demonstrated in this video, there are various ways to make music.    The legendary Quincy Jones started out as a soul/funk singer/musician which I remember him mostly for from my days of youth.

However, as the years have rolled on, he now produces CDs and helps young talented musicians such as the one in this next clip to become perhaps one of tomorrows greatest ledgends.   Maybe she will go down in history just like the mighty Q.   So, when you are choosing your next piece of music to listen to, don’t dismiss the young or the old as you may find yourself quite surprised.  The young can bring fresh ideas and the old can bring wisdom.



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