Tastes in music

Whilst I have always liked classical music, I have recently come across a lovely jazz album called Diversity.   I have never been much of a jazz fan, although I have always admired the jazz greats for their talents to make music which wows audiences and by jazz greats, I am talking about Oscar Peterson, Ray Charles and the like, not to mention Cleo Laine and Johnny Dankwoth.   However, a young girl has sprung up onto the horizon who plays the most beautiful chilled out jazz of this century.   I heard her by accident and it was so nice I obtained her album.  I think my taste is not changing but I am beginning to appreciate different styles.  So if jazz is not your thing, perhaps this chilled out cd might be.    Kick off your shoes, relax, put your headphones on and enjoy!



The art of composing

Last night whilst doodling on my piano, I made up a little tune. I first started with the right hand getting the basic tune and then&aadded the harmony with the left. The results were quite surprising for a novice so I wrote the notes down so that I could work on it later. Once I had got the basic tune correctly played, I added dynamics… Forte followed by Mezzo Piano, concluding with soft Piano and pedal at the end. I am by no means an expert in writing a score and to be honest, have nevmmr done it before, and unless you have computerised software to do it, it is very time consuming to do by hand. Mind you, all the great composers wrote by hand, so it CAN be done. This piece to me, sounds nice so it has given me a taste of what it entails to think about using your listening ear to make harmonies that sound right and blend in nicely.

Perhaps I have another string to my bow after all