How do we practice?

I have not updated this for a while due to other things, but I thought I would update it again or the danger would be that the year would slip by with no more updates.

Right how do we practice?   I heard on the radio a programme about this topic.   Some classical musicians were interviewed and they gave their interpretation of how THEY practice.  We all do it in our own way that best suits us (according to our lifestyle).   I for instance only practice an hour or so in the evenings and a bit more at weekends.   The programme not only focussed on how much time you need to practice, but the methods in which you do.   

Obviously professional pianists or any other instrumentalists have to practice longer but the technique is still the same.  You go over the score, you play it and pick out the areas which you feel you need to work on.  You may play without pedal and when it is technically correct then you introduce the pedal.  Maybe this video might assist you.