what we learn

I have posted that I am learning the flute as well as the piano.   It is hard work, and I have only now had about 5 lessons.   I have not yet been taught the full range of notes, but the breathing is becoming easier.  I am just starting to play notes in the lower register which takes more effort.   I have yet to start on very high notes.   It is a challenge and when one challenge finishes, another one starts, which would be the same for anything we do.  Nothing remains static.

I am still not convinced that the flute is the instrument for me, but as I have said before, I do like a challenge and I am not a quitter and once I set my mind on something, I see it through to the end.

My only wish is that I owned a proper piano (a very good quality acoustic), but unlike the flute, there are opportunities to play superb pianos, so all is not lost. There is something really special about lifting the lid of a grand piano and closing the door and just playing.  I have done that, and it gives you a great buzz, and you can just transport yourself into your own world for a while.

I think this video clip says it all.


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