My next venture

Hello, I have decided to write again. This time it is about my next venture which is taking place next month (August). My local town I holding a festival and when it was advertised, they also wanted musicians to take part and play something of their choice, either as solo, or part of a group. I saw this and thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for me to play a classical piano piece. I usually only play for myself and decided that the time is now right for me to put myself out and do something for others. There really is no point having the skill if it is not to be shared. So I am sharing my skill.  This event covers a multitude of activities, not just music over a number of days. I hope this will be something I can do again at some point, so I will have to keep my eyes and ears open and see what transpires. It is a great opportunity to engage and get out into the unknown. Not really knowing the type of audience. They might be surprised, I might be surprised. But above all, I am sharing something I love.