My next challenge

My next challenge for the flute is to try and perfect the G Major scale.  For anyone that is familiar with flute scales it will be well known that you have to reach higher notes and that can be challenging, especially if you are not used to it.  I am not used to it so it is a bit tricky and not something I can learn in five minutes.  This will take A LOT of practice, but there is no rush and I have a lot o time on my ands

Flute progress

I have decided to use this blog to track my flute progress.   This way I can see each step of my progress and work out a learning schedule.  Fortunately I have had a few lessons from a qualified flute teacher so I am thankful that she got me on the road to starting to learn how to breathe, and blow and how to put the flute together as I was a complete novice.  I have not done as much flute practice as I would like due to having a busy life, but I now am in a position where I have some time to devote to it and so with the help of youtube, I am practicing the scales and learning how to do the fingering etc.  I started with the C Major scale and arppegios.  It is fun and whilst the flute is not my major instrument, I am enjoying it all the same.

No performance

Unfortunately, having posted that I will be playing at my local festival, I have decided to withdraw.  This is for a number of reasons, mainly due to the fact that I would have to perform outdoors rather than indoors, and the kind of music I would be playing would not be suitable to be played outdoors.  I am sure there will be other opportunities at some stage that will be more suitable to the type of player that I am.  Until then, I continue to play at home and find pieces that I can play in future.