Music in films

Happy New Year !

I went on New Years Day to see the movie Hunger Games Mockingjay.   Whilst it is not to everyne’s taste, I enjoyed it.  The main purpose of this post of the New Year is to speak about music in films.  I absolutely loved the song The Hanging Tree from the movie.  It started off as a solo song, and then gradually, the orchestra and choir were brought in which made it sound much nicer.  Now after listening to it, it comes across as a kind of haunting in a strange way.  I would love to see it being done (orchestra and choir).  I now really like it.  Music brings films alive, it brings out so many emotions in the viewer,   I wonder what emotions this brings out in you?

Here it is.


The Last Post

No not literally the last post, but the last post of the year.  I hope you enjoy this clip.   My intention is to add more clips at some point in the future.  I love playing and hope to take it to another level next year.

what we learn

I have posted that I am learning the flute as well as the piano.   It is hard work, and I have only now had about 5 lessons.   I have not yet been taught the full range of notes, but the breathing is becoming easier.  I am just starting to play notes in the lower register which takes more effort.   I have yet to start on very high notes.   It is a challenge and when one challenge finishes, another one starts, which would be the same for anything we do.  Nothing remains static.

I am still not convinced that the flute is the instrument for me, but as I have said before, I do like a challenge and I am not a quitter and once I set my mind on something, I see it through to the end.

My only wish is that I owned a proper piano (a very good quality acoustic), but unlike the flute, there are opportunities to play superb pianos, so all is not lost. There is something really special about lifting the lid of a grand piano and closing the door and just playing.  I have done that, and it gives you a great buzz, and you can just transport yourself into your own world for a while.

I think this video clip says it all.

A new challenge

I recently took up the flute.   I love a new challenge and although hard at first, it is getting easier (only had two lessons so far).  I will always put the piano first, but felt that after a few years of doing one instrument, it was time for another. Challenges are things which keeps your brain from going fuzzy and keeps you occupied and who knows where it will lead.   Maybe a little band?   I don’t follow any famous flautists but there are some very good flautists I have found online.

What I am working on

Right, I am currently working on a lovely piece I got from a book I bought at the weekend. This is it

But….. I would love to play like this

Precise concentration and skill

How do we practice?

I have not updated this for a while due to other things, but I thought I would update it again or the danger would be that the year would slip by with no more updates.

Right how do we practice?   I heard on the radio a programme about this topic.   Some classical musicians were interviewed and they gave their interpretation of how THEY practice.  We all do it in our own way that best suits us (according to our lifestyle).   I for instance only practice an hour or so in the evenings and a bit more at weekends.   The programme not only focussed on how much time you need to practice, but the methods in which you do.   

Obviously professional pianists or any other instrumentalists have to practice longer but the technique is still the same.  You go over the score, you play it and pick out the areas which you feel you need to work on.  You may play without pedal and when it is technically correct then you introduce the pedal.  Maybe this video might assist you.

Tastes in music

Whilst I have always liked classical music, I have recently come across a lovely jazz album called Diversity.   I have never been much of a jazz fan, although I have always admired the jazz greats for their talents to make music which wows audiences and by jazz greats, I am talking about Oscar Peterson, Ray Charles and the like, not to mention Cleo Laine and Johnny Dankwoth.   However, a young girl has sprung up onto the horizon who plays the most beautiful chilled out jazz of this century.   I heard her by accident and it was so nice I obtained her album.  I think my taste is not changing but I am beginning to appreciate different styles.  So if jazz is not your thing, perhaps this chilled out cd might be.    Kick off your shoes, relax, put your headphones on and enjoy!


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